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5 Delicious Snack Items to Serve this Raksha Bandhan

Indian food and festivals go hand in hand. As a country known for its rich culture, festivals reveal the richness of flavours. Every celebration is an opportunity to devour delicious, sour, and spicy food. Raksha Bandhan is no different. Remember those Rakhi days, when the smell of kachoris, theplas, freshly baked cookies in the kitchen filled the home? Ahh! Those old days would be so good. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the bond between brother and sister. The relationships between our brothers and sisters are all wonderful and chaotic. Raksha Bandhan is near, and are you still confused about serving your guests or looking for snacks to gift your sibling to make the day more memorable? What if we say we have you back! Read the article to know about the 5 Delicious and best snack Items to serve this Raksha Bandhan.

1. Mini Kachoris

Mini Kachoris

Celebrate the bond of love with Mini Kachoris from Rahe Gujarati Snacks. It is a dry dish with a spicy filling of Moong Dal and a few other spices. They are yummy and perfect for your little hunger pangs in the evening. With 0% fat, no added sugar, no artificial flavour, and cooked with low fat, our Rajasthani mini kachoris are delicious and dense snacks to satisfy your hunger attacks. Keeping the various needs of customers in mind, we help provide the perfect Mini Kachoris. Our kachoris are full of multiple nutritious ingredients that make them different and bring excellent quality to taste and flavour. Delicate, crisp, aromatic, and indulgent - this is how one can describe these Mini Kachoris made with Desi Ghee in Rajasthani style. This savoury, delightfully scrumptious snack is fibre-rich and is an excellent alternative for those looking out for healthy snacks.

2. Cookies


Cookies are excellent snack gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan. Our cookie package will make great companion snacks to gift your sibling this festive season. Our cookies are handmade to perfection with premium quality ingredients put together. Better than your regular biscuits, they create the perfect combination of texture and taste. This delicious bite is our favourite food. Our freshly baked cookies can be eaten at any time and will indeed become a family favourite. Cookies are freshly prepared, and it comes to the warehouse for quality check and then is dispatched. Our coconut and chocolate cookies are rich and dense, while oats, almonds, and jaggery provide healthy snacks full of fibre, protein and antioxidants. Feel the rich taste of the cookies from the Rahe Gujarati Snacks bursting with every Kadak Chai sip you take. Fun handmade snack for all dessert lovers! Put the cookies in your mouth and enjoy the firmness of this lovely dish by ordering your snacks online! 

3. Khakhras


Khakhras have been prepared and eaten as a dish in Indian families since ancient times and have gained tremendous popularity among the masses with various spices for rinsing the mouth. We bring you new, delicious, and crispy Khakhras fried to perfection with love and care, so you can enjoy it with your chosen snacks and make memories with a light meal on the beautiful day of Raksha Bandhan. Roasted to the fullest to create a delightful experience, with homemade flavours, the Khakhras from Rahe Gujarati Snacks will elevate your feelings, bring you back memories and enrich the bond between siblings. Keeping your health in mind with no artificial flavouring and export quality packaging make our Khakhras a perfect fit.

4. Chaklis


Deep-fried till a golden brown finish is achieved to give a delicious and yummy experience, slightly flavoured chaklis with turmeric and chilli provide a burst of flavours in every bite. The Chaklis from Rahe Gujarati Snacks are full of beauty and flavour, betting you can have it all at once! This dish is rich and bright enough to enjoy with your loved ones. Crispy, simple and fragrant, Chaklis from Rahe Gujarati Snacks is now healthy and nutritious. These chaklis will give you the satisfaction to fill your hunger and carry it with India's authentic taste and flavour in various parts of the country. Delighted and created with great care, enthusiasm and cleanliness, Rahe Gujarati Snacks brings these crispy chaklis directly from our homes to yours and delights your taste buds. 

5. Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda contains nutritious ingredients and is known for its rich aroma, high purity, delicious taste and radiance. Flourishing, delicious and packed with nutrients are additional factors that provide an irrefutable quality to our best snacks. Selected ingredients make this an excellent recreational meal for fun times with friends and family. The mouth-watering taste and low cholesterol content make this Chivda suitable for tea or coffee in the evening. The typical simplicity of rice flakes is combined with a combination of peanut and other assorted elements seasoned with various spices guarantee to brighten up your dining experience with all health benefits. Due to the unique taste, crisp and fresh texture, this Poha Chivda from Rahe Gujarati Snacks will add to your mood and give your taste buds a jolt.

Raksha Bandhan festival holds a special place in the hearts of the people of India. Any celebration is incomplete without delicious food. Our various options are both healthy and delicious. Rahe Gujarati Snacks aims to allow you and your loved ones to celebrate unity with the exceptional food of our festivals. 

We hope this mouth-watering article was helpful. Be sure to stock all these best snacks online for the upcoming festive season. We cannot disagree that food will surely get all people together. Snacking can always be made fun and healthy, with a mindful selection. 

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