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5 ways to make snacking a healthy habit

When long hours of work widen your meal gap, snacking is the only key to boost your energy levels and wake up your tired mind. However, unwise choices and unhealthy snacking habits can do more harm than good. Here are 5 Healthy Snacking Habits that you should keep in mind!

1. Bring Back Grains

Whole-grain snacks are packed with carbohydrates and proteins that replenish your energy almost instantaneously. Well! Here is some good news for you! Tasty Dry snacks such as Methi TheplaChorafali Khakra, Granola Bars, etc. can be incorporated without the fear of spilling into your bags.

2. Try Combination

It is important to create a balance of nutrients if you want your body to work more efficiently. Adding more variety, being creative and trying out new recipes can add a tint of spice to your boring snacks. For instance, add some chopped onions, diced tomatoes, pomegranates and a hint of coriander leaves, to get a delicious Bhavnagari Gathiya chaat. 

3. Munch On Nuts

Nuts contain many beneficial minerals and healthy fats that not only make you feel full but also balance your cholesterol levels. Groundnuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds are a few you can snack on. Also, keep in mind to just have a handful of these snacks as they are rich in energy. The best part - they won't take up much space!

4. Carry It Along

Carrying a tiffin box filled with healthy snacks in your bag or purse will save you from the temptation of devouring unhealthy bites. Although apples and oranges are terrific options, packets of Mini Kachoris, Bhakarwadis, won't only curb your taste buds, but also save more room in your bags and purses.

5. Mindful Snacking

While picking up the right snacks, it is important to keep your bodily needs in mind. Say, if you are a gym freak, the addition of protein-rich snacks like smoothies, lassis, nuts, Chana Chor Garam, is a great choice or if you're a diabetic, snacking on items made from Bajra will keep your blood sugar in check.

A Golden Takeaway - Whenever you eat a meal, keep aside all of the tasks you are doing like watching TV or surfing the internet, and focus on eating well. This brings about a perfect mind and body connection.

To summarise, snacking is a great way to maintain a healthy metabolism and also prevents you from overeating. Eating well is a lifelong priority! 

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