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7 Best Healthy Baked Snacks You Must Have

Our greatest wealth is our health. When it comes to eating snacks, health is always compromised. Can snacking be healthy? Yes, it definitely can! It’s really difficult to avoid the cravings to have doughnuts, burgers and pizzas. But it can be substituted with delicious yet healthy baked snacks. Keeping readily available snacks in stock will make it easy to make a smart preference when you get hungry. You can easily get snacks online without any hassle! Here are the 7 best baked snacks you must have for healthy munching.

1. Roasted Pizza Khakhra

Roasted Pizza Khakhra

Who doesn’t like Pizza? It is loved by people of all ages. However, when your health is considered, we are not sure if it is the best. So, at Rahe Gujarati snacks, we have added a healthy twist to pizza by adding a modification. It is the pizza roasted Khakhra. These yummy and mouth-watering roasted khakhra are made up of 100% whole wheat- 0% maida. It becomes a healthy option for tea or breakfast as they are rich in fibres. They are protein-rich and contain no trans fat. This roasted khakhra is one of the best-sellers and is the ideal snack that can be had anytime and anywhere. 

2. Tutti-Frutti Cookies

Soft and crispy tutti-frutti cookies from Rahe Gujarati Snacks will just melt in your mouth. Sweet cookies are the perfect baked snack or dessert for your sweet tooth. It will satisfy your cravings with the crispiness and taste that will bring out the child in you. Our fresh baked cookies contain good nutrition to provide energy for the long day. These tempting cookies are baked to crisp perfection. These cookies are made with high-quality ingredients with taste and health in every bite. Bring health to your desert by ordering cookies online. The tutti-frutti cookies are an unmissable treat to all kids. 

3. Roasted Chilli Garlic Bhakri

The Roasted Chilli Garlic Bhakri is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed at breakfast or during break times. It is cooked with less oil with 0% trans fat, no added sugar or artificial flavours. The bhakri has high nutritional value. It is rich in proteins and carbohydrates that provide energy to the body. It is made up of high-quality natural ingredients that make it so appetizing and delicious. Enjoy easy snacking and be creative by trying the combination of Bhakri with curd or pickle for added chatpata flavour. Spice up your mood with Roasted Chilli Garlic Bhakri from Rahe Gujarati Snacks.

4. Roasted Corn Methi Bhakri

Corn and Methi, both are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your body. This crunchy and crispy roasted corn methi bhakri is a perfect fusion of health and taste. It is a typical gujarati and a low fat dish blended with spices. It is 100% roasted with 0% maida with no artificial flavours or preservatives added. Bhakri with the goodness of corn and methi is a perfect healthy snack for morning breakfast, evening tea, picnics or travels. Made up of high quality ingredients, we ensure that it doesn't count calories. The roasted bhakri includes the most delectable blend of Indian spices along with healthy corn and methi. 

5. Noodles whole wheat khakhra

Just as the name suggests, this roasted khakhra is made up of 100% Whole wheat that means 0% maida. This noodles wheat khakhras are an essence of namkeen online. Satisfy your snack cravings with this unique flavour and delectable taste. Made up of finest ingredients, this noodles whole wheat khakra aims to provide you the flavours of gujarati at your fingertips. It is a healthy option for morning and evening snacks as it is filled with fibre and nutrients essential for your good health. Replace your boring snacks with the homemade Noodles wheat khakhra

6. Multigrain cookies

Multigrain cookies are made from the goodness and health benefits of different flours except maida. It helps to keep you energized and is the best friend of those looking to balance their weight. It is also a rich source of protein and carbohydrates. It is one of the most healthy snacks for kids. These fresh baked cookies are a perfect blend of texture and taste. Munch it with tea, Make it your travel buddy or gift it to someone- it is perfect for every occasion! These cookies add a healthy ingredient to the dessert. The finest and high quality ingredients make the multigrain cookies and ideal one to satisfy all your hunger pangs! 

7. Honey and oats cookie

Enjoy the firmness of this lovely snack by Rahe Gujarati Snacks. Baked to experience the delightful and sweet flavours with the premium ingredients, the honey and oats cookie is a handmade snack for all desert lovers! Our honey and Oats cookies are rich, dense and provide healthy snacks full of fibre, protein and antioxidants.  The cookies are full of various nutritious ingredients that make them different and bring excellent quality to taste and flavour. This delightfully scrumptious snack is fibre-rich and is a great alternative for those looking out for healthy snacks. 

Snacking can always be made fun and delicious but with a mindful selection! Give your taste buds a jolt by ordering snacks items online like roasted Khakhra and fresh baked cookies from Rahe Gujarati Snacks. 

Hope this mouth-watering article was helpful. Be sure to stock all these best healthy and baked snacks items online. 

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