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7 Different Pickle Flavours You Should Try

Having your favourite thali for lunch or dinner? But wait! Don’t you feel you missed out on something? Yes, it is your favourite pickle. Be it any dish, your food always feels incomplete without a pickle. A pickle is classic and adds a tangy flavour to your thali. 

Pickle or Achar is a very important element of Indian cuisines. It runs in the Indian blood and is believed that the technique of pickling first started in India. With a lot of health benefits, the achar will never disappoint you. With different methods and techniques, pickles are made from different fruits, vegetables, etc.

However, due to the busy lifestyle, it has been troublesome for the newbies to actually prepare the pickle that tastes likewise to their mothers or their grandmothers. There are many suppliers providing Indian pickles online. It gives you the liberty to buy homemade pickles online without any hassle.

The crisp bites, satisfying crunches, and sour tastes are found in hundreds of varieties of pickles used in and around India. 

Let us now take a look at the different types of pickle flavours you should try. 

1. Green Chili Pickle

Green Chili Pickle

Out of different pickle varieties, the green chili pickle has been one of our favourites! For those who prefer spicy food, this next-level chilly achar will be the perfect one for your taste buds. As the name suggests, this Chilli Achar stands true to its name and will leave a hint of spicy aftertaste and the other elements added to the pickle balance this specializes in the spicy area and has many beneficial properties. 

The green chili Achar facilitates a healthy diet and helps in weight reduction. It is also perfect to lower your body temperature and has a natural source of iron that makes it more beneficial and healthy. Chilli achar helps in balancing blood sugar levels that will ultimately help in facilitating good health and the immunity system. You typically use green chilies in this dish but you can also use red chilies and works the same.

2. Sweet Lemon Pickle

Sweet Lemon Pickle

Who doesn’t like that bit of tanginess in their favourite pickle? Well if you prefer a sour and tangy flavour then you can always grab your hands on the sweet lemon pickle. This pickle holds a number of health beneficiaries with a strong flavour profile that it holds on Indian cuisine. The sweet lemon pickle help maintains cardiovascular health and boosts heart health. It keeps issues related to your digestive system at bay. With its high mineral properties, it boosts your bone health and regulates blood sugar levels. 

3. Garlic Pickle 

Garlic Pickle

The garlic pickle has a special taste and is mouthwatering flavours to refresh your taste buds each time you have some. But do you know about the several health benefits this garlic pickle will provide? This garlic pickle is a very good source of antioxidants and helps weight loss. It will also contribute to detoxifying your body and give you a good immunity and strengthen your heart. It is also rich in probiotics and helps digestion. It is found all over India and is lip-smacking! You can find this Gujarati pickle online easily.

4. Raw Mango Pickle

Raw Mango Pickle

Pickles are loved for their sour and biting taste. Raw mango comes first when you think about pickles. Out of many different pickle flavours, the mango achar tops the list with its enhancing taste and tangy flavours that are always satisfying and leaves you awestruck. The citric acid present in Raw mango pickles helps in digestion and also contributes to weight loss. They are beneficial for liver and heart ailments and also help to improve your immunity levels. 

Similar to different types of achar, the raw mango pickle uses ingredients like Chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek seeds, oil and other elements that give it its flavourful taste and contributing towards that tanginess or the spiciness that you feel when you have the pickle.

5. Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle

Amla pickle is well known for its enriching taste and flavourful presence and is common in north Indian households. The amla pickle protects the liver and had many hepatoprotective properties. It is a great treatment if you are going through the common problem of an ulcer. Regular consumption of amla achar reduces ulcers. It is best served with parathas and roti and is an amazing health treat for you to snack on all the time. 

6. Methi Mango Pickle

Methi Mango Pickle

Methi mango pickle is not so common but is a great dish to have while you are having your lunch or dinner. With its high health properties, it is a very good option to switch from your regular pickle to a healthy diet concentrated alternative. It helps in keeping cholesterol in control and is really good for diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar levels. Fenugreek is a really vital yet underrated product that needs to be more inclusive in everyday cooking.

7. Sweet Red Chilly Pickle 

Sweet Red Chilly Pickle

Out of many different pickle flavours, sweet red chilly pickle is one of the most liked. It is traditional and has an authentic flavour. This winter snack is definitely a try-on and has added a great flavour to your favourite cuisine. The health benefits include good cardiovascular health and boost your immunity levels. Its spicy but yet sweet flavoured additive to this pickle makes it a great snack. The aroma of red chilies is something one cannot resist. 

These pickles are most loved in all household and you should definitely try. These pickles will take you back to your grandma’s kitchen with 100% satisfaction of traditional taste. Without any hassle get these Indian pickles online right. You do not have to worry, as these take care of your snack cravings as well as your health. You can buy homemade pickles online from Rahe Gujarati Snacks. 

Good ideas are like good pickles, crisp, enduring, long-lasting but very difficult to make!

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