7 Types of Chikki Available at Rahe Gujarati Snacks

Everyone would agree that nothing feels more heavenly than a piece of Chikki with a cup of chai in the perfect winter sun. Bored of eating the same old-school snacks? If yes, then what is better than trying out our different delicacies. Because we at Rahe Gujarati Snacks provide seven delicious flavors of Chikki made up of the goodness of different grains. Healthy snacking has never sounded better.

We have the perfect mix of flavors and aromas. So, if you are looking for some sustainable munching options, Rahe Snacks has got your back. Let us move forward and check out the variety we have for you!

    1. Peanut Chikki

      Lonavala Special Peanut Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      When you think of Chikki, the first name that comes to your mind must be peanut chikki. The most common yet everyone’s favorite. Nothing could match up to the goodness and nostalgia of peanut Chikki. It is effortless but oh so flavorful! So, if you are someone who does not like experimenting and like sticking to the classics, this variant is the perfect option for you.

      At Rahe Gujarati Snacks, we make the most perfect chikki with just the right amount of ingredients and loads of love. We also know that sometimes experiments do not go too well, so these nutritious chikki options are not over the board, still, a must try. These will definitely make you remember your childhood.

      2. Til Chikki

      Lonavala Special Til Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      The second amazing flavor that you would love to try from us is til chikki. We do not only believe in serving love in the form of food but also are experts in spicing things up. Til chikki is one of the healthiest options when you have a sweet tooth but do not want to invite calories in.

      Are you now thinking about the benefits of our nutritious chikki? This variant of chikki is made up of pure sesame seeds. The ingredients involved are not only rich in fiber and vitamin B but also reduce the risk of low blood pressure plus cholesterol. To get this super flavor delivered at your door steps, all you need to do is to buy chikki online effortlessly from our website.

      3. Mango Crushed Peanut Chikki

      Mango Crushed Peanut Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      The mango crushed peanut chikki will leave the majority of you drooling over. Mangoes are everyone’s cult favorite and we know it. That is why Rahe Gujarati Snacks has specially made up this beautiful recipe that you may not get anywhere else.

      If you are someone who loves chikki and mangoes equally but never had a chance to eat them together, this is your time. Despite involving ingredients from different seasons, this variant of chikki is available all around the year. So, whenever you are missing two of your favorites, it is just a click away!

      4. Rajgira Chikki

       Gujarati Special Rajgira Ladoo/Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      We were not wrong when we said, we have something for everyone. This is for all fitness freaks who had to sacrifice their favorite food items. But not anymore! Because rajgira is a super ingredient and great for the body. So, you can savor your chikki without having any guilt about calories and health.

      Just go to the website, order Lonavala chikki online and we will deliver your favorite and healthy snacks to your door step.

      5. Coconut Chikki

      Lonavala Special Coconut Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      This one is slightly different from all other variants in terms of the flavor and the consistency or texture. So, if you are someone who loves thin chikki and also loves coconut, this coconut chikki is the perfect mixture for you. The unique taste of coconut, jaggery, and poppy seeds combined together will definitely bring water to your mouth.

      Rahe Gujarati snacks believe in creating healthy as well as tasty munching options and this is a proud representation of what we mean. We bet once you get the hang of it, there is no going back from ordering this delicious chikki flavor.

      6. Dry Fruit Chikki

      Matheran Special Dryfruit Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      This flavor of chikki is as rich as it sounds. This is especially a delight for all those of you who love munching on different dry fruits. So rather than having them straight from the jar, try this heavenly infusion of all sorts of dry fruits with jaggery. After having this variant, most probably you are never going to any other dessert ever.

      Think with us, what is that a person with a sweet tooth wants? A good desert, not a lot of calories, great taste, and delivery at door steps. And guess what, this is all that we offer at Rahe Gujarati Snacks. The perfect combination is what we offer.

      7. Black til Chikki

      Lonavala Special Black Til Chikki | Chikki Online | Rahe Gujarati Snacks

      Last but definitely not the least. As we already stated, sesame seeds are the ultimate super food. Black til is the angel for your skin with loads of anti-aging properties and jaggery is the healthiest replacement for sugar. The combination of these two ingredients sums up our famous black til chikki.

      This is the most basic yet the most relaxing snack you can have.

      So, have you decided which one of these flavors do you want to be delivered to your door step? Or do you want them all? Because either way you will be getting the most amazing food packages from Rahe Gujarati Snacks with love and smiles.

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