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Collection: Fresh Sharbat

Searching for some healthy drink to beat the summer heat? Taste freshness, cool your senses, and enhance your appetite with fresh sharbat at Rahe Gujarati Snacks. These special drinks will amazingly refresh and energize you. Render an everlastingly cooling sensation on your palate with our amazing range of drinks we have for you!


This tangy refreshing drink is perfect in summer to quench your thirst. Kachikeri is a sweet and sour tangy Indian mouth-watering flavour. It may be used to make mocktails. It suits better with soda and also ice slush. Made with 100% love and natural ingredients to bring out the natural flavour of raw mango to the syrup. It’s a delight that refreshes yourself from the sizzling heats and the drink is extensively cherished by people of all ages. Combat the summertime heat with our fresh Kacchi Keri Sharbat handcrafted using a traditional recipe. What extra? No artificial flavour or colouration is introduced to it. Get Kacchi Keri Sharbat online now!


Kokum is a powerhouse of important nutrients essential for the body. It consists of malic acid, citric acid and carbs. It has a healthy combination of B-vitamins and includes ascorbic acid, manganese, potassium, dietary fibre and garcinol. Ideal for everyday consumption for both youngsters and adults, because it enhances fitness & offers important health benefits to the body. Delicious, cooling & fresh Masala Kokam drink not only quenches your thirst but additionally saves you from dehydration and sunstroke because of heat. The antibacterial properties of this berry keep you far away from illnesses and allow you to stay healthy. To cool off on a blistering summertime day, combine one part Masala Kokum Sharbat with five elements of water or soda. Grab your preferred Masala Kokam sharbat online from Rahe Gujarati Snacks.


Varyali sharbat from Rahe Gujarati Snacks will cool your senses and beautify your appetite! Refresh yourself with the cooling and digestive varyali (saunf, fennel) sharbat. Varyali is used for their ache relieving and digestion development attributes. Make a fresh drink by mixing one element of Varyali sharbat with 3 to 4 parts water or soda. Made from the best and first-class components for freshness, our sharbat additionally has a prominence of all herbal flavours. It boosts up your immunity levels and energy. It is a brilliant blend that brings together the high-quality features of Varyali whilst maintaining a completely unique flavour of its own.


Made with 100% love and natural substances, Rahe Gujarati Snack’s rose sharbat carries no artificial flavours and no preservatives. Our Rose sharbat price is very affordable to quench your thirst with a sweet taste of rose petals. Have this fresh drink in hot/cold milk, water, kheer, kulfi, curd, lassi etc. Or just top it up on vanilla ice cream and some roasted nuts and get equipped to dig in. Appraised for their elegance and aroma, rose petals have an uplifting, cooling and long-lasting impact and have a number of medicinal benefits. Crafted from real rose petals, this sharbat is an ideal cooling drink on a sizzling summertime’s day, combo one part of rose sharbat with six elements of milk or 5 components of water.


What are the different sharbat flavours available at your store?
Our different types of sharbat include Rose Sharbat, Varyali Sharbat, Masala Kokam Sharbat and Kacchi Keri Sharbat.

Which is the best sharbat in India?
We have delivered Masala Kokam Sharbat and Kachi Keri Sharbat to different parts of India. These are our best selling snacks and are extremely popular.

What do I need to mix with the sharbat?
You can have your sharbat in hot/cold milk and water.

Is Rose Sharbat good for health?
Rose petals are beneficial to manage diabetes, GERD, digestive issues and common cold and cough. It is a powerful supply of Vitamin C. It has a calming impact and has effective antioxidant properties.
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