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Pickles - something you need! Pickle is what India loves to eat because of its delicious, spicy, and tangy flavour. No meal is complete without a spoonful of the mouth-watering pickle because it just completes the palate. Rahe Gujarati Snacks serve you the best Gujarati pickles online that will take you back to your grandma’s kitchen.


The journey of a mouth-watering pickle starts from hand-picking the right raw ingredients, mixing spices, and waiting for it to be ready. Pickles continue to be in the hearts and minds of Indians everywhere. Rahe Gujarati Snacks offer a wide range of different pickles to preserve memories and flavours at the best prices. You can simply stay at home while we bring you the best pickles. It is a glorious appetizer that will awaken your tastebuds. Add a spoonful to your plate and spice up any meal. Use pickles for salad dressing, pair them with parathas, or make pickle sandwiches by adding potato chips, they mingle with every food perfectly to create tasty pieces of art.


When it comes to pickles, each region has a different and unique way of pickling.  Various recipes are used to achieve the tangy flavour, satisfying bites, and sour taste of pickles in India. Craving for some pickles? Thali seems incomplete without your favourite delicacy? Just order your favourite Gujarati pickle online by choosing from the Rahe Gujarati Snacks. From sweet mango pickle, garlic pickle, sweet lemon pickle, methi mango pickle, mango chundo to green chilly pickles, we have it all! The variety of options available on the website will ensure that you are always stocked up with your favourite ones. There is no end to the pickles you can use. Relish any snack with the best quality pickles in India from Rahe Gujarati Snacks.


Original flavours of pickles with mixed spices add to your appetite and is essential for good digestion. Do Indian pickles have health benefits? Good nutrition is crucial for health. Pickles come with profound health benefits from curbing sugar spikes to easing muscle cramps and fight diseases. The garlic pickle is loaded with rich flavours. It is packed with powerful health benefits and help to fight cold and other illnesses. Adding a small amount of lemon pickle will increase your blood flow. They also aid to weight loss. It is important to build a balance of nutrients if you want your body to function properly. Preserving pickles preserve their antioxidants and also help to boost immunity. Enjoy healthier options for pickles with our homemade Gujarati pickles. Rahe gujarati snacks guarantee 100% authentic and pure homemade pickles online.


At Rahe Gujarati snacks, all our pickles are natural, free from any chemicals, and non-adulterates. Yes, you heard it right! We believe that you are what you eat. Therefore, the best and handpicked ingredients are used for making pickles. Hygiene and cleanliness are always on top of our list. Our pickles contain only fresh ingredients that are beneficial for your health. No preservatives are used during pickling. We ensure that our pickles deliver the highest standards of quality and taste. Get your packets of homemade pickles online right away!


We guarantee the delicious taste and best quality pickles and offer safe delivery all over India in eco-friendly, safe, and secure pouches. These pouches ensure that our pickles are delivered to your doorstep safely without any leakage or spill. Our pickles are made in the cleanest way possible and packaging is done under the chary and careful observation with our experienced team.


1) What are the different varieties of pickles available at your store?
At our online store, we provide sweet mango pickle, garlic pickle, sweet lemon pickle, methi mango pickle, mango chundo, green chilly pickle, & sweet red chili pickle.

2) Which gujarati pickles are top-rated in India?
Mango chundo and green chilly pickle are our best-selling pickles that have been delivered to different parts across the country.

3) What is the shelf-life of the packed pickles?
Our pickles last for 9 months. The packaging protects and increases the shelf-life of the product. There are no preservatives added to our pickles.

4) How do you ensure that your food is safe?
Our food is packed with 100% Standup Ziplock Pouches. Through sampling and testing, personal supervision and clean and careful storage, all products ensure the highest degree of hygiene.

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